In this episode, Stuart speaks to Eric Helms from 3DMJ. The conversation is centred around Eric’s experiences of being a personal trainer back in 2005-2012, what this has taught him and how it’s shaped how he coaches and teaches now.

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Topics Covered:
— What does a day in the life of Eric Helms look like?
— How he uses social media to advance his business
— If he has always been as introspective and how he’s developed this skill
— What is it like reflecting on how he was as a personal trainer in 2005
— What would he tell himself if he could go back to day one of being a trainer
– Has he come from a place of placing too much importance on his physique?
— What he would do to start getting clients in a commercial gym if he started there tomorrow
— What’s one book he would recommend trainers check out and what one book does he personally just love
— What skillsets does he think are essential that trainers work on getting better at

— What’s exciting him about the fitness industry just now

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Books Mentioned:
– Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

– The Expanse Series