Fantastic to welcome on LTB’s very own Claire to the podcast. Claire‘s background is fascinating for an array of reasons and the place we took this interview was down the line of what it is like being a PT and a client. Claire has worked with PT’s as a client for the last 7-8 years while also being a trainer herself, and now, of course, an educator of trainers. This mix of roles blends for a very insightful perspective that I had the pleasure of being able to quiz her on.

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Topics Covered:

– What her experience with personal trainers has been.
– Why she started with her first PT.
– How she selected her personal trainers.
– Better ways to check-in with a client after they’ve completed a set.
– What her expectations around things like periodization and technical knowledge have been.
– How, as a client, she would define progress?

- Claire‘s experience of feeling she wasn’t good enough as a trainer, which has now been reframed to being an “adult PE teacher”

Books Mentioned:

– Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman
– LTB’s new trainer guide (only available to LTB members)