“It may not be about gaining more clients by telling your story, it may just be about connecting with your current clients or showing that you’re a human too.” – Camille DePutter

About a month ago I bought a book called “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamont that was recommended in an email newsletter. The book is fantastic and the newsletter was written by Camille DePutter, the lady I have on the podcast for this episode.

She is a writer and has helped companies like Precision Nutrition as well as many individual trainers tell stories that help people connect with their business.

We get into how to start telling our story in this episode as well as how to become a better writer along with lots of great book recommendations. There’s also a 10 minute period in this episode where we do a practical exercise Camille created on the spot to show everyone who listens how you can start to piece together your story.

Check out this episode!


Topics Covered:

— Why Camille loves the shitty first draft concept.
– How she got started helping out fitness industry professionals with their writing.
— How to start telling your story.
— How to start shaping it.
— What to do if you feel like you don’t have a story.
— Writing advice.
— If you should schedule your writing time.
Books mentioned:
– Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont
– The Artists Way by Julia Cameron
– The Diary of Anais Nin