In this episode, of the podcast, we welcome on Mike James from The Endurance Physio. If you’re an LTB member you’ll have no doubt seen Mike commenting and posting some incredibly useful info in our FB group over the last two months. He’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to all things endurance sports and injuries and that’s exactly where we take this conversation.

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  • How Mike got started with The Endurance Physio.
  • What he thinks separates the people who take part in extreme endurance.
  • How PT’s can help endurance clients who get injured.
  • What most injuries come down to in endurance sports.
  • How we can encourage active management of injuries with our clients.
  • Why it’s so important that you build up a referral network in your local area and how to go about doing this.
  • Are PT’s skilled enough to work with endurance athletes?
  • Does what we do as trainers actually help reduce injury?
  • How do we ensure that the training we’re doing doesn’t interfere with their endurance training?
  • Some misconceptions around running form and stretching.

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