“Downtime is not unproductive. What is unproductive is spending your downtime in ways that are not particularly meaningful or enjoyable to you”

In today’s episode, we welcome on Laura Vanderkam. Laura is an author who has written some excellent books and her newest release is one I loved called Off The Clock, a book all about how we can better manage our time. It’s one of those books I was more than happy to read twice as I took so much away from it and in this interview, we get into where Laura’s fascination about TM comes from, how she sets up and plans her day & week, what she would recommend to someone who is just starting to think about better managing their time and much more.

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  • Why time management is such a big topic nowadays.
  • If she thinks it’s harder to manage nowadays.
  • What Laura still struggles with when it comes to managing her time.
  • Why she tracks her time and has done for over 3 years now.
  • What big lessons she’s learnt about time management since she’s been studying it.
  • How she sets up her week and day.
  • Why she thinks a good idea to try tracking your time.
  • Why stepping back and reflecting can make you feel like you have more time.
  • How to use the concept of savouring to improve your life.

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