In this episode of the podcast, we welcome back on John Clark from Fit3Sixty.

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Topics Covered:

  • In 4 years you’ve gone from just surviving in a sports development career to being the owner of 3 gyms, what do you think has been key to your success?

    How he has gone about bringing on and continuing to improve his staff.
  • Why the creation of culture has been essential for Fit3sixty’s growth.
  • If John thinks you have to look the part to be a personal trainer.
  • How he’s dealing with working so many hours at the minute.
  • Why he puts such a focus on customer experience.
  • How they’ve managed to get 50% of new sales from referrals.
  • If John feels personal trainers should have a goal of getting their own facility.
  • How his role has changed since the growth of the business.

Books Mentioned – Shoe Dog & Legacy

John’s email –