I joined LTB back in December 2013 and the first person I spoke to was a guy named Ian Stevenson. When he started in LTB, he was running a bootcamp that he charged £1 per session for, now he’s got a facility with over 120 members in it and 2 members of staff. If you ever wanted some inspiration for building something out of very little in our world of personal training, Ian is one of the best examples you’ll see.
He’s had more ups and downs than most and will likely be the first to tell you “the big red fuck-it button” still exists, but he’s an excellent example of someone who has built something with his members in the forefront of his mind throughout, tried his best to learn & grow whenever possible and asked for help & support when he’s needed it.
For anyone who tunes into this one and can’t make out what we’re saying, I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to make do as the transcription service had no chance and subtitles don’t exist on podcasts haha.