In this episode, we welcome on Patrick Umphrey. I’ve followed Patrick for years and recently joined his free FB group called Eat, Train, Progress which is a fantastic online/ offline community for people who care about their health, lifting weights and generally just being good humans who have a laugh.

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Topics Covered:

  • A 15-minute conversation around whether or not being in better or worse shape makes you a more effective personal trainer.
  • What his journey into becoming a personal trainer has been.
  • How he started his Eat, Train, Progress free group.
  • How he’s grown this to 17,000+ members and used it to build his business.
  • What spending a few years answering questions in forums has taught him.
  • What he’s learnt from following Eric Helms.
  • How the ETP group started.
  • What does he think has been key to its growth and why does the group has such high engagement.
  • Helping clients pick themselves back up after setbacks.

Eat, Train, Progress Free FB Group

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