In this episode, Stuart welcomes on Mike Doehla from StrongerU online nutrition coaching. Mike started off working in an entirely different industry before deciding he would try his hand at gym ownership. This didn’t quite work out, however, he realised his strengths could be used elsewhere and built up a client base of 350 people before leaving his other job and growing his company Stronger U Nutrition to working with over 20,000 clients.

Topics Covered
  • What Mike’s background has been and how he started his company Stronger U.
  • Why his client successes were crucial to gaining some initial momentum.
  • How he grew to working with 350 active clients in his first year.
  • How Mike managed to effectively work with so many people.
  • How and why StrongerU use anytime contact with their clients.
  • What Mike thinks are the key things for long-term sustained weight loss.
  • How he’s improved the way he creates relatable content on social media.
  • What he looks for in new nutrition coaches.

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Mike Doehla runs a company called StrongerU Nutrition, which is an online nutrition brand that has worked with over 20,000 clients.

You can find out more about StrongerU here and Mike here