If you’re a Personal Trainer, the chances are pretty high that you’ll work with people who have weight loss based goals. Gregg has created an in-depth course that looks into exactly this, but it isn’t just about calories in, calories out, his course goes into essentially every aspect of weight loss you can think of.

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Topics Covered:

  • Why Gregg has decided to focus on business as one of his Q1 professional development goals.
  • What he’s learnt in the process of creating his understanding weight loss course.
  • Why our bodies hate losing weight.
  • How understanding more about weight loss has informed his coaching.
  • Metabolic adaptation and how this affects weight loss.
  • What other factors we should be looking at with regards to weight loss.
  • How important exercise is for weight loss.
  • Whether we should be using large or small deficits.
  • How many calories we typically burn during exercise.

Exercise: Fat Loss Paradox Video