In today’s episode, we welcome back on Chad Landers. Chad has been in the industry as a personal trainer for over 25 years. He’s completed over 30,000 sessions and has worked with some of his clients for 24 years. In this episode, we get into his fav thing about being a trainer, how he realised this career is all about the client, what his experiences with online training have been and much more.

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Topics Covered:

  • What he enjoys most about being a PT.
  • If he has ever thought about stopping being a trainer.
  • Has he developed his communication and relationship building skills?
  • How he learnt it was all about the client.
  • Why you need to have challenging and honest conversations about aligning their behaviours and goals with clients.
  • What his experiences with online training have been.
  • How many sessions per week he’s discovered is right for him.
  • What were Chad/s biggest lessons at key points in your career? (Louise Johnstone)
  • Did he ever have 5 year/10 year plans or just keep going without ever thinking too hard about the future? (James Jones)
  • When does waking up at 5am start to suck? (Tony Cottenden) 

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