In today’s episode, we welcome on Sean Armstrong. Sean runs a semi-private Personal Training facility near Newcastle in England. The main reason I asked Sean to come on is because he’s doing fantastic work with his facility and because he used to be known as the member of LTB who was forever complaining. But, this isn’t the Sean of 2019, so we get into how his journey has seen him find the confidence to open a facility and make a success out of it.

Topics Covered:

  • How he got started as a Personal Trainer.
  • He found starting early in his career as an online PT.
  • Why he spends less time freaking about losing a client or two nowadays.
  • Why Sean thinks it’s important to ensure you’re tracking your numbers.
  • Why he takes time to do things that force his mind to concentrate on other things.
  • How he’s found owning his own facility.
  • What his goals are for over the next few years.
  • The importance of spending time developing yourself.

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