In this interview, we speak to Lisa Gimenez-Codd from Optimum Health. We chat about:

3.20 – How has Lisa niched down into working with the population she works with?

7.00 – How and who has Lisa learned from to improve her knowledge on all these topics?

8.30 – Why is getting more info out there on these topics so important?

11.00 – Should we as PT’s refer on pre/ post natal clients?

14.30 – Lisa’s thoughts on “getting your pre-baby body back”

17.00 – What do we have to consider with a client who tells us they are pregnant?

23.00 – Should we encourage clients to exercise all the way up to having their baby?

24.00 – Burpee’s during pregnancy?

26.50 – Post-natal considerations

29.40 – Drills to improve breathing

32.00 – The pelvic floor

37.00 – How can you train the pelvic floor

40.00 – Female client’s needing to pee during sessions that contain movement or impact exercises

42.00 – Menopause-what do we need to know?

46.00 – Recommended resources

48.20 – Thoughts on body image

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