In this episode, we speak to Will Levy from Melbourne Strength and Conditioning (MSC) in Australia. Here’s a breakdown of what Stuart & Will discuss:

5.30 – how Will is finding running a gym

9.30 – who do MSC work with

13 – why has MSC hit the ground running in terms of profitability

17 – how did Will get up to the stage of building up a waiting list

25 – what’s a widespread message that Will wishes wasn’t as common

30.30 – how do we improve the standard of the industry

36 – what does the first 30 days of programming look like for a new client at MSC

54 – common mistakes trainers/ gyms when running small-group training programmes

59 – how does he ensure his staff members are at a high enough level to keep up the standards

1.07 – a message to new trainers

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