In episode 21, Stuart speaks to W10 owner, Jean-Claude Vacassin. Within the interview, JC covers:

4.20 – How he built a client base in private gym he worked in previous to W10

10.30 – why has he lasted in the industry 10+ years

15.20 – how would a commercial gym get feedback from other coaches in order to improve?

24 – why is he such a proponent of high standards (every single thing I do says I give a shit or I don’t)

27.10 – how does W10 structure referrals

32.40 – common advice that JC see’s given to new PT’s that he wishes wasn’t

32.40 – thoughts on online marketing

37 – what do W10 use social media for

38.50 – thoughts on the lead generation conversation

42.50 – what does ‘good coaching’ entail

44 –  how do you get better at coaching

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