Lisa Lewis joins us on today’s episode of the LTB Podcast.

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Topics covered:

– Do you see us doing anything wrong when discussing this psychology related to being a trainer or strength coach?

– Where should a trainer start with all of this psychology stuff?
– Why you should focus on the subjective aspects of progress/ results instead of just the objective ones like losing pounds.
– Do we have to sell the short term in order to gain the long term with clients?
– How can we improve the clients level of motivation?
– What is the inner voice (self-talk/ meta cognition)?
– How much of an effect can this have?
– Should we give clients homework on improving things like their inner voice?
– How to know you’re not going over that line into being a therapist?
– How to bring up “you should go see a counsellor”?
– How to pick clients back up after a setback like not hitting a weight loss goal/ out of control weekend?