It was a huge pleasure to welcome on Adam Ali from Physiqonomics.

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– How he is dealing with the recent “success” of physiqonomics
– How he comes up with the ideas for his content
– How does he not let the need for likes, comments and shares dictate his self-worth/ success of his writing
– The importance of not thinking that your followers need to “engage” publicly with your content for it to be doing it’s job
– Who does he speak to when he writes
– What would his advice be to someone who is afraid of putting content out there?
– Is it harder for him to put content out there nowadays than it was back when he started?
– Why you should continue to do some form of “creation” when you hit dry creative phases
– Tips for creating content
– How he went about creating “the best fat loss article on the motherfuckin’ internet”
– How he’s dealt with receiving negative feedback