You know how you walk away from some conversations and you get that feeling that you just had an amazing conversation? That’s exactly how I felt after this chat with Molly. I’ve followed Molly and GGS’s work for a long-time and when it comes to working with the female client they are leading this industry in a fantastic direction. The vast majority of personal trainers will have a client base that is likely 70% + female and although there can be generalisations made about how you train men and woman, there are still things that should be taken into account to make the experience even better for each client. That’s what we dive into in this episode.

Topics Covered:

— Hair falling out from stress and how she handled this.
— How that has guided her doing more self-care.
— How her experiences have guided how she works with the clientele of GGS
— How GGS used to think every single woman should strength train
— What are GGS doing to address the gap that exists between people taking part in fitness and not
— What can the PT do better when it comes to training coaching women
— How to navigate a conversation with a client who speaks negatively about themselves

Articles & Resources Mentioned:

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