In this episode of the podcast, we welcome on Maggie Elliott from Spark Fitness to discuss how she’s built a successful mobile training PT business. I’ve run a fair few outdoor bootcamps in Scotland in weather that was less than perfect and really disliked it. Running a PT business that is, for 90% of your time, run outside, no matter the weather, sounds way too challenging and uncomfortable to me. But it’s what today’s guest has found as her little corner of the fitness world and where she’s built a business that is doing fantastic things. Maggie is one of the most positive people I’ve ever spoken to and I think it’s easy to see why her clients would want to come back to her – she just loves it!

We get into her business, how she transitioned from teaching to PT, how she overcomes some of the challenges associated with mobile PT and her “one client at a time and make sure everyone knows about what I’m doing” mindset for marketing.

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