We all want to achieve something, right?

I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re here, reading this blog.

You may not know exactly what it is what you want to accomplish, but I can bet you have some form of expectations for yourself.

And these expectations often change.

There can be many motivations behind this shift…

It may stem from a conversation with a peer that left you questioning whether your expectations were too high, or too low.

The change could be motivated by a lecture, workshop, or seminar you’ve attended where you decided you were misguided in the reasons behind your expectations.

It could come from a change in your life; a new relationship, moving to a new house, having a child to name a few.

And you know what, you may have exceeded your expectations causing the goal posts to shift.

It can feel pretty endless, a constant circle of setting goals, having expectations, achieving/not-achieving, and re-assessing.

We had an article in the LTB magazine that talks about “Overwhelm”, and it can stem from the expectations you have for yourself. You can wind up feeling lost and without purpose, de-motivated and unsure where you should go next.

Throughout all of this, it is vital that you look after your mental well-being.

As a starting point, you should create a structure that allows for you to set goals and expectations, but has a natural progression once they have been met. They shouldn’t define you, they are merely a focus for motivation that will need re-assessing once they have served their purpose.

Much like a pair of trainers that have worn out.

And each of these small, achievable goals should be stepping stones towards a much bigger dream- one that’s pretty out there, but achievable nevertheless, and forms the main source of your motivation. Achieving this goal would be unquestionably rewarding, and would allow you to refocus your efforts onto the next dream (which you probably already have stored in your mind somewhere…).

These smaller goals are vital in keeping you in the present, stopping your mind running away with you and ensuring that you remember to control the controllable.

It is great that you strive to improve, and that you have standards you set for yourself.

It’s also totally normal that these continually change.

But remember, one big dream will provide you with enough structure to take all of these changes in your stride.

Guest Blog By Lift The Bar Marketing Executive Steph Clutterbuck

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