In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Mark Council. Mark owns a gym called Platform Performance, which he opened with a business partner in 2017. We discuss a wide range of topics including how he’s staying optimistic amidst the chaos of lockdowns and uncertainty of COVID, why he prioritises professional development & mentorship, and how he ensures he gets the most out of what he invests in, how his gym delivers an 11-star service to their members and much more!

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  • [01.25] – How his lockdown is going?
  • [06.32] – Why other people’s success does leave clues.
  • [08.10] – Business biography recommendations.
  • [10.15] – Why he’s been so willing to ask for help and mentorship today.
  • [14.40] – How he manages feeling like there’s too much to do in his business.
  • [16.00] – Business key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • [18.00] – An 11-star service.
  • [23.53] – How he applies the professional development he goes through.
  • [25.00] – Lateral thinking.
  • [29.10] – Mark discusses the harder times he’s had as a gym owner.
  • [34.25] – Why he has always focussed on delivering an excellent service and experience to his clients.
  • [38.30] – How his gym, Platform Performance, recruits new personal trainers.
  • [43.35] – Why gym ownership is not a natural step for most trainers.