Mark Fisher runs Mark Fisher Fitness (MFF) in New York, a two location gym and Business For Unicorns (BFU), an education and support company for business owners. Like most fitness businesses, MFF has had to go from being an in-person one to one that is now fully online. We discuss how MFF has pivoted to support their members during this time, how they are going about building and growing their community, whether or not they are trying to market and sell their online programmes and why it’s so important to be a human.

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Find Out More About Mark:

  • [01.13] – How COVID-19 has affected things in Mark’s world
  • [04.50] – What Mark Fisher Fitness’ current plan is
  • [08.29] – How the MFF members have taken to being trained online
  • [12.03] – What else MFF are doing to support and grow their community
  • [14.58] – What silver linings Mark has seen with everything that has gone on
  • [17.21] – Are they trying to market and sell considering everything that is going on?
  • [19.13] – How are they are approaching their marketing and positioning just now
  • [21.49] – How this will affect Mark’s ability to make decisions moving forward
  • [25.07] – Any books Mark would recommend