Mark Laws has been coaching people for over 20 years, working full time in the fitness industry for 15 years, working with elite athletes for 12 years and teaching courses to fitness professionals for 6 years. He continues to work with regular clients on a daily basis as well as delivering workshops and presentations around the world. We chat about his career as a PT and what he’d go back and tell himself about doing a better job.

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Find Out More About Mark:

  • [01.58] – Mark tells a story about how his Mum sat him down and told him he should stop being a personal trainer early in his career.
  • [09.58] – A discussion about Mark’s first few years as a personal trainer.
  • [14.51] – Earning the right to say no to prospects you don’t want to work with.
  • [19.58] – What does Mark wish he could go back and tell himself about being a new PT?
  • [32.28] – How much did he change the way he ran his PT business after going to China to work in S&C for a year?
  • [43.08] – Why you should consider getting your clients onto a monthly payment plan.