Today we welcome on Martin Rooney from Training for Warriors. Martin was one of the first people we welcomed on for a webinar at LTB. His energy is infectious and it’s hard not to feel pumped up after listening to him talk our being a fitness professional and coaching. We cover his background, finding your place in this industry, becoming a better coach and his new book, coach to coach.

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  • [02.40] – Has he always loved what he’s done in his career?
  • [05.40] – How to find the things you really enjoy doing in your career?
  • [13.25] – What he does if he’s having a bad day?
  • [19.30] – How to narrow the gap between having knowledge and turning into that results with clients
  • [23.00] – What he would say to the trainer who is quieter and introverted
  • [34.30] – Why you don’t need to be better than someone to coach them
  • [37.00] – How he would like his new book, coach to coach, to be remembered


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