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We’re confident that we have everything any trainer needs to become the best trainer they can be. With resources ranging from courses to instantly usable downloads, alongside access to a helpful group of hundreds of trainers, there’s always something to help you increase your knowledge and give you confidence in your business.

We’ve helped thousands of personal trainers improve their knowledge, develop their skills and create sustainable businesses and we can’t wait to see what you can do with the resources.

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“Amazing Value!”

At £39 a month, you only have to use a fraction of the available resources to get value out of your membership.

What You Get


Want confidence in your knowledge?

Choose the area you want to improve and focus on the relevant course to build your expertise on the topic. Have a look at the courses available here.


Got an hour free and want to dip into a topic to top up your knowledge, check out one of the guest webinars.


Just want a form or file to use, the downloads section is worth a look for easy to apply resources.


Have a question? Want an opinion on a situation? Need reassurance on an approach? The friendly, supportive Facebook group is one of the most popular resources among members.


Approx 3 times a year we send out a member magazine packed with useful and interesting articles. The digital back catalogue is available for members to download for free too.

How It Works

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    2. Check out the resources.
    1. 6. Take action on what you learn:

    2. Our resources have a proven history of helping people improve their knowledge, service and client base but we haven’t mastered a way to get them to do the work for you yet 😉


  1. * We hope you decide to stay with us and continue to benefit from everything on offer but if you decide we’re not for you then you can cancel at any time by cancelling your payment profile with us via the link on your invoice. Ongoing investment is only £39 a month so it can easily pay for itself if you apply what you learn.

LTB is amazing and the BEST resource for any Personal Trainer.

I recommend it to as many people as I possibly can.

I’m not sure what else you could do to make it any better – possibly develop time travel to visit my younger self and tell me to sign up wayyyy before I ever took the plunge?

Yeah I’ll go with that


Ben Driver

I wish LTB existed when I first stumbled into the fitness industry almost six years ago. It would have saved me so much time and effort trying to navigate through hundreds of inadequate personal trainer certificates and other continuing education resources.

LTB is a must for anyone hoping to become a better coach and be the best version of themselves for their clients.

If you actually apply everything taught to you in the courses, webinars and ask questions/engage in the private group, you will be fully equipped for the rest of your coaching career.

Shen Tee

I’ve loved LTB and I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of it it. Danny had talked so much about ye before but until I did the podcast with Stuart I hadn’t actually looked into it and I can’t believe the amazing content ye have.

One thing in particular that I’d like to big up is all of your teams effort in the FB group. The amount of questions ye answer in immense detail is fantastic and that group on its own is worth so much to any PT at any level, I just hope the people that I’ve recommended ye to have signed up because I know how far LTB will be able to push them with the knowledge they gain from ye.

Gar Benn