In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Mark Fisher and Michael Keeler for the first time together. They discuss the closure of one of their gym locations, how they came to make that decision and how they’ve dealt with it, building awareness in your marketing, sending direct messages to followers on social media and then finish off discussing what you should look for in a business partner.

Mark and Michael run Mark Fisher Fitness, a gym in New York City and Business for Unicorns, a business that helps people become great leaders through mentorship and in-person and online courses.

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  • [02.34] – Mark updates us about what’s been happening with Mark Fisher Fitness.
  • [05.08] – How they went about closing one of their gym locations.
  • [08.47] – How they have emotionally processed closing down one of their gyms.
  • [18.04] – Has having to close their Bowery location changed their perspective on owning more than one gym?
  • [20.36] – What they would say to a gym owner who is thinking they may have to close their doors?
  • [25.47] – Understanding how to build awareness when marketing your services or products.
  • [29.10] – Utilising social media direct messaging to get more leads.
  • [35.00] – What you should look for in a business partner.
  • [43.38] – A red flag you should look out for in your business partnerships.
  • [47.00] – Why having different interests and skillsets is an important part of why they function together so well.