In today’s episode, I welcome on Mike Howard. With over 20 years of practical experience as a personal trainer, online coach, youth fitness specialist, author and presenter, Mike has continuously sought out the best ways to help people achieve sustainable success. He has just completed his second book (first print book) Lean Minded: 50 Days to Mind & Body Transformation. In this conversation, we discuss his new book, how to network, how to deal with the tougher times as a trainer and how and why he runs a yearly fitness retreat.

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Find More About Mike:

  • [02.15] – how he would approach a career in personal training knowing what he knows about the industry now?
  • [04.48] – what’s changed in his approach to working with clients since he started?
  • [11.12] – investing in your networks
  • [16.12] – how to approach gratitude
  • [18.22] – introversion/ extraversion/ ambiversion and why a skill that trainers should develop is to be able to switch between them
  • [22.07] – how he realised that going above 30 client sessions per week was too much for him
  • [23.48] – how he’s dealt with the phases of time where he’s thought about leaving the industry
  • [29.22] – what he would tell himself during the tougher times he’s experienced
  • [38.32] – how and why he runs fitness retreats
  • [46.47] – Mike tells us about his new book called Lean Minded