In this episode of the LTB Podcast, we welcome on Mike Waywell from Steel Habitat. Steel was opened in 2013 and since then it has gone from strength to strength and is now two state of the art 4000sq ft facilities.

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Questions Covered:

  • What was more challenging for Mike – playing rugby professionally or building up Steel to where it is now.
  • How he would feel about running a business in another industry.
  • Why his identity around being a rugby player and being an S&C coach changed and how he has come to accept that.
  • What some of the hard moments running Steel have been and how he’s got over them.
  • How he’s learnt to manage his emotions over business problems.
  • Why you need to put systems in place to handle recurring problems.
  • How he develops culture.
  • How and why to set standards for yourself.
  • Why the service and experience that Steel offers is what separates them.
  • The importance of good systems.

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