In today’s reposted episode from May of 2020, Stuart talks to Nick Winkelman, who is the Head of Athletic Performance for the Irish Rugby Football Union, about the power of tough to hear feedback, reflective practice, creating coaching cues with your clients, coaching the push-up using a framework called the coaching communication loop and what Nick’s favourite analogy/ coaching cue is. The section on the push up is a masterclass in coaching so even if you skip ahead and listen to that I promise you’ll get a tonne from this episode!

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Find Out More About Nick:

  • [05.30] – How he responded to receiving some hard to take feedback about the first editions of his book.
  • [07.05] – How important receiving feedback has been for him throughout his career.
  • [09.55] – Questions to ask your clients to help with collaboration when creating cues.
  • [17.45] – Why coaches are more comfortable talking about programming than they are about coaching, communication and motivation.
  • [22.45] – Where a trainer should start if they want to start learning more about the intricacies of coaching.
  • [28.05] – Nick explains what the coaching communication loop is.
  • [32.30] – Nick takes us through how he would coach a push-up to a new client using the coaching communication loop.
  • [39.22] – If Nick thinks we should take the time outside of sessions to create coaching cues and analogies.
  • [42.10] – Nick’s favourite cue or analogy