Nicola Hobbs is an author, counsellor and international yoga and meditation teacher. She has an MSc in Sport Psychology and her work is grounded in the interface of ancient wisdom and modern science, integrating the time-honoured practices of yoga, meditation and spiritual living with modern mindfulness, psychology, and mental fitness. In the episode, we discuss Nicola’s journey through an eating disorder that was diagnosed when she was just 15 and then we get into all things writing.

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Find Out More About Nicola Hobbs:

  • [02.49] – How she’s finding teaching Yoga through Zoom.
  • [04.06] – What first got Nicola interested in health, fitness and nutrition.
  • [07.16] – Stuart and Nicola discuss her eating disorder (ED).
  • [13.26] – What her recovery from the ED looked like.
  • [19.58] – How long it’s taken Nicola to feel like she’s able and willing to share her story around her ED.
  • [22.53] – How Nicola has come up with the ideas for each of her books.
  • [25.58] – Does she always enjoy writing?
  • [29.58] – Stuart and Nicola discuss her writing process.
  • [36.16] – How she deals with the internal voice that tells her it’s not worth writing the books she creates.
  • [38.16] – What her editing process looks like.
  • [43.03] – Book recommendations for writing.

Books mentioned: The War of Art, Bird by Bird, The Artist’s Way, On Writing, Big Magic.