In this episode, we welcome on Nikki Strong. Nikki is a registered dietician, the owner of an online coaching company called Strong Nutrition and an assistant coach at Precision Nutrition’s level 2 programme. We get into how to help a resistant client, what something called the therapeutic alliance means and why understanding this helps build the relationship between you and your clients and how she’s got over imposter syndrome to become more effective at coaching clients.

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Find Out More About Nikki:

2.00 – what first got Nikki interested in the world of fitness.
4.10 – how her business works.
4.40 – how she finds being based mostly online.
7.45 – why being caught by imposter syndrome got in the way of her helping clients when she first started.
12.25 – why building a “therapeutic alliance” is an essential part of working with new clients.
16.00 – what she does to build a strong relationship foundation.
21.00 – how has the process of behaviour change been different in her experience coaching.
21.45 – why she now trusts her clients more.
23.45 – what are resistant clients.
28.10 – why resistance now excites her as a coach.
30.00 – an example of client resistance in sleep behaviours and how Nikki would support someone here.
39.00 – when there is a place for calling out a client who just isn’t doing the thing they say they want/ are going to do.