In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Olly Jones. Olly is a trainer who has been working with client since July 2004. Currently, he is the personal training co-ordinator for a gym called The Marlow Club where he mentors trainers and trains his clients. They discuss what it would be like starting as a PT today, why it’s ok to change who you want to work with throughout your career, how to improve your client retention rates and defining the term client results.

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  • [01.50] – How he got started in the fitness industry.
  • [09.35] – Starting online as a new personal trainer?
  • [16.55] – Why remote coaching through zoom is a viable method for new personal trainers to use to get started.
  • [19.05] – Why it’s common to change the direction of who you want to work with in personal training.
  • [27.15] – Why he’s managed to achieve such high retention rates.
  • [37.56] – Personal trainers defining client results too narrowly.