Our Online Coaching Kickstart Mini Course will guide you through 10 thought provoking lessons

Course Includes: 

  1. 1
    An overview of Niches and how to choose yours
  2. 2
    Necessities and Online Consults
  3. 3
    What & How are you delivering your service?
  4. 4
    Using Social Media BEYOND just content 
  5. 5
    Email lists and In-Person marketing
  6. 6
    Pricing & Packages
  7. 7
    Getting client 1 into your online business
  8. 8
    Client onboarding
  9. 9
    Organising your life as an online coach
  10. 10
    Social Media Quality & Efficiency 

What You Get

Online Coaching Kickstart Course

This course walks you thorugh everything you need to get your online coaching business running successfully. 

Hundreds Of Useful Resources

Access courses, downloads and webinars all designed to help trainers like you thrive in the industry.

Welcome Call

When you sign up you will be invited to have a welcome call with our course tutor - Jake - who has no creepy upsell script - He will simply support and guide you without agenda - because that's what WE do.

Friendly, Helpful Community

Share experiences and pick the brains of others who know just what it's like to be a personal trainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ongoing commitment?

You can cancel at any time during the trial period without impacting your access.  If you don't cancel the membership will continue at £49 a month until cancelled.

What if I've been a member before?

If you have previously been a member of LTB you are not entitled to another trial but you can still access the course by choosing the "returning member" option on the payment link.

What do I get access to?

In addition to the Online Coaching Kickstart and accompanying call you can access all our resources across different topics relating to personal training and join our friendly, helpful member group.

How do I access my welcome call?

Your Welcome Email contains links to request a welcome call as well as other useful information