Phil Learney has been a personal trainer in the fitness industry since the early 90s and has worked in gyms all over England ranging from small private ones to big commercial ones. At his time of retiring as a trainer, he was the second-highest charging PT in the UK.  Now he educates and helps PTs grow their businesses through his company the Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA).

Phil tells some fantastic stories about being a PT in this episode and there are so many lessons about how to get more clients and run a better run business. We cover getting your finances in check, how to get a waiting list as a PT, early career mistakes trainers make, marketing and much more.

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  • [02.18] – How he would be handling things if he was a PT having to go through COVID-19 just now?
  • [05.43] – Is he anxious or worried about the industry because of what’s happening?
  • [07.48] – Phil tells a story about having to smash a whisky bottle to pay his apartment rent
  • [19.18] – Phil talks about why the hourly rate that PTs charge actually breaks down to very little income
  • [22.48] – Can you speed up going through the inevitable client failures that most trainers go through?
  • [31.18] – Why the only way the fitness industry will become more regulated is through the trainers in it lifting the standard of it
  • [33.38] – Phil talks about personal training pricing
  • [35.03] – Phil tells a story about a trainer who was charging £1000 per hour
  • [39.44] – Why Phil has always had a waiting list in every single gym he’s worked in.

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