Phil Learney has been a personal trainer in the fitness industry since the early 90s and has worked in gyms all over England ranging from small private ones to big commercial ones. At his time of retiring as a trainer, he was the second-highest charging PT in the UK.  Now he educates and helps PTs grow their businesses through his company the Advanced Coaching Academy (ACA).

In this episode, we discuss online coaching, how to convert inductions into clients, whether you should do single sessions, increasing your prices and more. We had a couple of audio issues which unfortunately took out a bit of the recording around the 40min mark, so if it jumps from one topic to another you know why!

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  • [02.27] – Where would Phil go to train clients if he had to start over?
  • [15.37] – Education for personal trainers.
  • [20.47] – Pricing and free sessions.
  • [26.04] – Are single sessions worth it?
  • [50.47] – What he did to convert inductions into clients?
  • [35.57] – Discussion on the signing up of a client who comes in for an induction.
  • [40.57] – Price increases.



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