LTB Referral Scheme

We love that so many of our members have been recommended to us by their friends and want to say thank you for introducing even more lovely people to the LTB family. In addition to our thanks you get ¬£10 per month per referral you bring in – and we HIGHLY encourage you to bring in at least 200 friends so that you can have a full time wage from LTB referral money ūüėČ

Here is what you get:

  • 1-5 referrals: ¬£10pm per sign up
  • 6-9 Sign Ups: ¬£10 per sign up + LTB Essentials membership
  • 10 Sign Ups: ¬£10pm per sign up + LTB Essentials + VIP coaching day with one of the LTB team

When someone you refer signs up follow the instructions below to claim your money

  1. You will need a business paypal account to do this.
  2. Follow the instructions on the video to set up a payment request button. (Note: if you set this up when your friend joins you set a 2 week free trial to match theirs then £10 per month)
  3. Send the link to