In today’s show, I welcome on Ross Stewart from Improve Glasgow to talk about his recent expansion to a bigger facility, how he’s achieved consistent growth, important KPIs to track and some book recommendations. Ross has been on three times before (7,23,80) and is someone I always enjoy talking to. He started off running bootcamps in Glasgow before building a multiple trainer business in a commercial gym before now owning a near 200 member facility. 

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  • [2.22] – How Ross has consistently grown and improved his business over the last 10 years?
  • [5.07] – How much of his success he puts down to the initial “grinding stage” he had?
  • [7.15] – Where his desire to grow a business comes from?
  • [18.37] – How many members is his gym working with now?
  • [20.57] – How his new facility is going
  • [22.32] – How he uses he uses his data from his key performance indicators (KPI) to make decisions
  • [30.52] – Leads, conversions to memberships numbers
  • [32.59] – Why he’s put so much time into getting to seminars, meet-ups and building relationships with other trainers and business owners
  • [37.22] – What his current marketing campaign looks like
  • [40.52] – If he would recommend PTs do more offline based marketing?
  • [46.22] – Reactivating lapsed members
  • [48.43] – Book recommendations