I always have such enjoyable conversations about business with Sally, who is a returning guest after her first appearance on episode 164. Her journey into now owning a facility is incredibly relatable and I always appreciate her honesty about the challenges she’s had. One of those challenges was how tough her first few years were, and how much she doubted herself and her business during that time. 99% of us go through that stage but we don’t talk about it anywhere near as often as we should, so that’s where we begin this podcast. We also discuss why managing your money is a huge part of business success as well as how she decided to she wanted to go into facility ownership.

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Find Out More About Sally:

  • [03.05] – How Sally’s business has progressed over the years
  • [07.19] – Why she has had to be incredibly patient with business over the years
  • [10.42] – Why we need to have more discussions about the harder aspects of business
  • [11.50] – Why Sally decided to get a business coach
  • [21.50] – Did she have a vision in her head for what she wanted her business to look like?
  • [23.57] – Have her doubts reduced over time?
  • [29.40] – What does she wish she had known about business?
  • [29.50] – Money management and why this was a huge thing for Sally.
  • [37.50] – How she has gone about making the decision about jumping into facility ownership.
  • [45.20] – How much of her business is the gym going to take?