In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Sarah Duffield from Mac Nutrition for a second time (Dec 2017, #77). They discuss how to coach nutrition clients effectively, lessons she wishes she could tell her younger self about coaching, using reflective practice, whether PTs should separate nutrition and training, how to help clients overcome weight loss plateaus and more.

Sarah is Mac-Nutrition’s Head of Nutrition and lead tutor for Mac-Nutrition Uni. She has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Leeds Metropolitan University.

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Find Out More About Sarah:

  • [01.35] – How many team members Mac Nutrition now has.
  • [03.30] – Selling with integrity.
  • [10.00] – What Sarah misses about coaching clients 1-1.
  • [11.50] – Learning to use different nutrition methods as tools in a toolbox.
  • [16.30] – Using reflective practice for becoming a better coach.
  • [23.25] – Transitioning from studying nutrition to coaching nutrition.
  • [25.00] – The importance of having a community of other coaches to bounce ideas off of.
  • [27.43] – Personal trainers separating nutrition and training in their service options.
  • [34.48] – The services that mac nutrition offers.
  • [37.40] – How the contact with a client works.
  • [41.30] – A client that Sarah failed with.
  • [46.05] – Weight loss plateaus and what to do about them.
  • [49.54] – MN’s layperson’s nutrition course.