Session:X is a fabulous addition to your LTB membership. It is a great new platform that contains supplementary sessions that can complement any training programme.

We know that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to help your clients with everything in the space of a few sessions a week. Session:X allows you to help them in between sessions without requiring you to spend ages creating individual videos.

It contains mobility sessions, Yoga, Pilates and even guided meditation, helping you support your clients and keep them moving when they aren’t with you. Plus,it’s all presented on a professional platform supplementing your already amazing service.

This is what LTB members and their clients have to say about Session:X

I sent out the log ins for Session X, this morning, and my clients are loving it so far!
I’ve had comments such as:
“I’ve really been looking forward to this!”
“I’m going to make the Pilates my regular Wednesday session!”
“Just signed up! Really easy to do!”

Thank you

“I’ve been doing healthy hips sessions 1 and 2 for a while now and making a huge difference to my mobility”
“My PT gave me the Session X resource to use in between PT sessions and I absolutely love it. The videos are straight forwards and easy to follow and are short enough to fit in a busy day. In fact I find them useful for straightening me out after a long day in front of a computer. The convenience of just logging I and going straight to a video without having to think too much about it is a bonus and it’s great that it’s relevant to me to help keep on top of mobility and flexibility, which I confess I tend to avoid. I can choose specific areas that I need to work on, as recommended by my PT, and each area has varying degree of difficulty so it feels like you are making progress without spending ages figuring out what to do.”

‘So tonight, I decided to jump into Session:X for a bit of yoga. I did the Yoga relaxation, such a beautiful practice.
And breathe...feel much better now! If you've not tried it yet - I can highly recommend it!”
“really enjoyed the yoga flexibility and the strength one too. Feeling slightly more flexible.. also done the flow one and really enjoyed that too, again great for stretching you out.”

“It’s Ideal for me as I can squeeze them in my working day”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see what Session:X looks like?

You can check out the platform and current content at

How Can Session:X Benefit Me?

Session:X can give you a professional platform you can provide to clients to give them access to homework between their sessions with you.

It can also give you access to different resources that you don’t currently have access to but which your clients will appreciate (e.g. not every trainer wants to be a Yoga or Pilates teacher and even if you are then sometimes it’s nice to have a few ready done resources to supplement your own).

Having an extra like this in your service can really bump up its perceived value without draining your purse or your time availability.

Can I Try Out Session:X Or Just Use It For My Own Training?

Absolutely. We highly recommend you try it out for yourself. That way you are in the perfect position to “sell” it to clients, recommend the session that are most appropriate to them andunderstand exactly how deceptively challenging some of the sessions are.

Once you are an LTB member you can register yourself for free to try it out.

What Will Session:X Cost Me?

We are covering all the hosting, set up, admin and content creation costs for you.

The only cost we are passing on is the £1 per person registration charge for your clients. This keeps it fair for everyone whether they have 1 client or 1001 clients. Your own personal access is free.

You do need to have a full LTB membership in order to keep your access, and that of your clients, so if you leave us the access will be removed for everyone and there will be an admin charge for setting people back up if you subsequently return.

What If I Don't Want To Use Session:X?

No problem at all, LTB exists to provide a wide range of support and resources to help personal trainers. We also have courses, downloads, webinars, magazines, a helpful Facebook group and the Essentials Membership level for people who want more support as well as other ad hoc challenges, lives and support.

Not all resources are appropriate for every trainer and you get to choose what you use and what you don’t. Session:X is no different. The great things is that because we keep the membership cost low you can get huge value for money from only using a fraction of what is available.

We hope you love it as much as we do but we still love you even if you decide it’s not for you.