In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Sophie Carrigill. Sophie is a Team GB wheelchair athlete who has won silver medals at both the world and European stage. In the interview, they discuss what she loves about sport, what some of her biggest challenges are living in a wheelchair, the accident that led her to becoming paralysed, misconceptions around disabilities, creating a more inclusive world and more specifically, fitness industry for people who live with disabilities and much more. 


  • [01.36] – What Sophie loves about sport?
  • [06.31] – What some of her biggest challenges are living in a wheelchair?
  • [11.31] – Sophie tells Stuart what happened to her 10 years ago.
  • [17.46] – How she got through the period after her accident when she was in so much pain?
  • [20.01] – How she came to terms with having a disability?
  • [26.21] – Misconceptions that able-bodied people have around disabilities?
  • [30.56] – The importance of having conversations around creating a more inclusive world for people with disabilities.
  • [34.11] – A discussion around the fitness industry and being more inclusive towards a community of people who have a disability.
  • [42.41] – Wheelchair basketball.