In today’s episode, Stuart talks to Steve Hall about how to coach clients online, charging for consultations, technique and hypertrophy, managing hunger, mini cuts, business lessons, developing rapport with online clients and much more.

Steve is the founder of Revive Stronger. The name was inspired by a life changing head injury Steve suffered whilst at University. After which Steve fell in love with bodybuilding as it allowed him to build up not only his physique but also confidence. Effectively he ‘Revived Stronger’ and in doing so developed a huge passion to help others do the same. Now a competitive natural bodybuilder with his best performance to date being a top 5 placing in the UKDFBA international finals in 2017. In addition with over 10 years in the gym and more than 5 years coaching experience, he uses this in combination with the latest science to drive results.

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Find Out More About Steve:

  • [01.28] – Steve’s tells us how he got started in the fitness industry.
  • [05.19] – How he’s grown to understand the importance of technique.
  • [09.25] – How he gets an insight into his client’s technique as an online coach.
  • [15.13] – Why Revive Stronger encourages people not to apply for coaching on their website.
  • [20.15] – Why they don’t put their prices on their website.
  • [23.33] – Charging a small fee for initial consultations.
  • [28.03] – Onboarding for new clients.
  • [29.24] – Costing for setting up a membership site.
  • [32.28] – Asking clients to sign up for a minimum of 3 months.
  • [34.02] – Their check-in process.
  • [41.41] – Helping clients manage hunger.
  • [47.13] – Aggressive dieting/ mini cuts/ low calorie short term diets.
  • [50.38] – Beta-alanine supplementation and second-level thinking.