In today’s episode, I welcome back on Sukh Sidhu from Online Fitness Business. Sukh was on for number 112 in June 2018. In today’s show, we cover the realities of running a business, challenges with setting and keeping the momentum of online personal training, where most trainers are going wrong when they enter the online PT and Sukh’s new venture called Open Coach.

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Find More About Sukh:

  • [01.01] – why the realities of being an entrepreneur are much harder than is often perceived
  • [07.48] – how to decide if the path you’re on is right for you?
  • [10.53] – why networking is an underrated part of running a business
  • [16.10] – how he’s feeling about the online personal training space
  • [21.22] – going fully online and then missing in-person PT?
  • [22.51] – why it’s so hard to develop any momentum with the number of clients you have for online training
  • [25.48] – what metrics to start tracking
  • [27.00] – why to track retention rates and how to improve those numbers
  • [27.49] – is it a different type of lead for online vs in-person?
  • [30.38] – misconceptions about online training
  • [33.11] – what people do wrong when they are trying to get clients online
  • [40.23] – why it is worth working with an online coach yourself if you’re thinking of getting into online PT
  • [41.08] – what Sukh’s latest project open coach is and how it’ll help personal trainers