Everyone is anxious about the coronavirus just now. My goal with this episode is to:

  1. reassure you that you can come out the other side, and
  2. how to go about doing that

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Chris Burgess Coronavirus Example Email

Corona Virus – An official Curious Stance
Let’s start at ‘worst case’
It’s our intention to stay open until the time that the government tell us we aren’t allowed to. Obviously we hope that closure won’t be forced on us but in the event that we are:
We will be offering:
Daily home workouts that are streamed in this group
Daily ‘FaceTime Lead sessions’ where the coaches will have a group call with their Semi Private or Bootcamp group at the usual times. You do the workout from home and set your phone camera up in a position where we can coach you if needed
We will be offering to bring kit to your house for you to use, and we will suggest kit for you to buy for your home workouts too.
Let’s now talk about ‘bad but not worst case’
If we are told to close but the country isnt in some quarantined lockdown, we will run sessions from local parks. It’s not ideal but it means we can still help you achieve your health and fitness dreams
Lets now talk about what we need all of you to do:
Wash your hands when you arrive and before you leave.
Don’t come to the gym with colds, coughs or if your breathing is playing up. Please dont be offended if you are asked to leave because you have come in poorly – even if its mild.
Don’t nick our toilet roll.
Please use the wipes we will put next to the inbody before and after you scan.
Please put your weights away. Fuck sake Greig.
Even if we have to close our doors we will be doing everything in our power to keep sessions running.
But to help us ensure that doesn’t happen PLEASE PLEASE don’t come into the gym if you have even the slightest inclination that you have COVID 19.