Hey all, My Name is Roi and I’m reviewing the new trainer guide for Claire.  I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and have run my own fitness studio since August 2014.

First of all I want to just say a huge thanks for the relentless efforts of the entire LTB team.  You guys are epic and are helping to change the fitness industry for the better.

With regard to the guide all I can say is WOW and I wish I had this 20 years ago.  If Claire didn’t need a longer review I would happily leave it there.

My take on it is this.  If you are a new trainer or been a trainer less than a few years I would heavily suggest reading through this guide and ticking it all off as you add it to your processes or update your current processes and documents to this standard.

The info provided is clear, easy to follow, not too in depth to overwhelm (although in lots of ways more in depth than what you are taught to become a PT on some courses and more current).  The lay out makes this document a really simple guide to follow from easy business setup to lead gen and customer service.

What I really loved about this was that it was honest in its approach.  For example talking about realistic hrs to work (the industry is full of trainers trying to build business by working 80 hrs a week and wonder why it struggles when they try and get back to more realistic hrs i.e. it operates and functions on the 80 hrs the trainer put in).  This guide will short cut the need for ridiculous hrs (some set up and long days are needed to get the stuff done but should be short term in my view with a planned taper off).

It also had a good focus on looking after yourself and how to break away from industry pitfalls like comparing to Instagram celebrity trainers etc.

Two things to finish with about this document.

Firstly the sample docs, hyperlinks throughout the doc and marketing ideas give you plenty to build a solid foundation and allow you to keep it simple and functional.  The marketing samples alone will save you hours when developing your own ads.

Secondly having read through all of this and comparing it to what I used to teach (as an employed and self-employed fitness tutor for a local college using CYQ quals and resources) I have to say that if you only did all the things in this handout for the first 12 to 24 months months from business set up to marketing and lead gen, I really believe you could build a viable profitable business based around good simple service and customer interaction.

Couple all this with LTB membership and the online courses and you have all the info you’ll need to cover at least 5 years without needing to implement anything else.

Love this guys.


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