I recently took the time to have a look at the New Trainer Start Up Guide. After 1.5 years of part time PT work, I’ve decided to quit my main job. I’m starting full time as a self employed personal trainer in a commercial gym setting in 7 weeks. With the starting date coming closer and closer, my anxiety grows with it.

The guide is an excellent overview of all factors that come with starting a sustainable PT business and helps to break down all the aspects of the job and discuss them one by one. It’s divided into 8 sections and all of them provide detail and clear examples to support their claims. I found it helpful to not only read what a good intake form should comprise of, but also have a great visual example of one.

Throughout the 8 sections you’ll notice what area needs the most of your attention right now, for myself this was the first and second section: business and lead generation. Having better knowledge and reports of my monthly income and most importantly expenses is something I’ll start working on this very week.

Also, the in depth look on how to master the internal and external environment of your training facility was really eye opening, as this is something I’ve completely overlooked. It made me understand the potential of my training facility location and where to start on making it an even better place to support my clients and my own business.

Throughout the guide I’ve started writing notes and a ‘To do’ list, and it grew quite extensively long towards the end. The guide brought up a lot of things that I’ve missed working through things myself, and I now have a clear view on what my next steps are. Despite not being quite there yet, the guide prepared me for what is to come.

Jonus De Creus

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