In this episode, we welcome on Tom Morgan, Dai Lees and Alex Gibilaro from Hy3rid. We cover bodyweight training, what it’s like working as three mates who are business partners and why it’s ok as a PT to lose your motivation for training. Hy3rid provides online coaching with the primary aim to help people fall in love with training by making it fun again and providing a ridiculously positive and supportive community.

They also run workshops that explore movement and bodyweight skill training. Hybrid are running a workshop for us at LTB in Maidenhead on the 1st of September 2019 where they’ll be covering warm-ups and then breaking down the handstand as well as loads of other bodyweight drills you can use with clients and in your own training. Head here to find out more about that!

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2.30. If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3.50 – Why do they love and enjoy bodyweight training so much?

8.35 – How can a trainer go about introducing more bodyweight training into a clients programme?

15.05 – How much of their programming is bodyweight based?

15.50 – what is it like being 3 good mates and business partners?

23.05 – do they think they put people off as they are all in great shape and put a lot of topless photos on social media?

27.35 – losing your motivation as a trainer for your own training.

35.35 – why spending time with other trainers is invaluable for both your own growth and love of being a PT.

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