In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes back Tom Hamilton, a trainer who works out W10 performance in London and the IFBA, a coaching company that helps gym owners. They jump off their last interview, which was released back in October 2019, and discuss programming lessons, a bunch of things around better session management for 1-1 & semi-private and how W10 tests their clients.

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  • [09.27] – Why some clients stick around when you’re a new coach who is learning and trialling things out.
  • [11.31] – How he’s improved his self-awareness.
  • [19.26] – Does he do anything before going into his first session of the day to mentally prepare for it?
  • [23.35] – What starts to happen as members walk in? What does he do to get the gym ready before people start coming in?
  • [25.00] – Why it’s important to give negative feedback to a member 1-1 rather than shout it out as a group.
  • [26.30] – Why W10 has a mantra of “we never see the same person twice”
  • [30.45] – Why it’s important to have continuity of coaching between coaches.
  • [35.08] – Do they tell members what the session is going to entail during the warm-up?
  • [36.05] – Why they don’t log every weight and rep lifted by their clients.
  • [41.52] – What their client testing every 12 weeks looks like?
  • [46.48] – How and when they do the testing?
  • [50.10] – Why it’s smart to consider using fewer cues.
  • [52.53] – How W10 gathers feedback on their coaching and session quality.
  • [54.55] – How they create variation within a block using a squat.