On today’s episode, I chat with Tom Hamilton. Tom has been coaching for almost ten years, working with a wide range of clients from the gen pop to world record holders. He currently coaches at W10 in London, is the Head of Education at the IFBA and runs his own online coaching business. Tom has also competed at both bodybuilding and powerlifting, with a highlight being winning the world drug-free powerlifting championships in 2016. In this episode, we discuss low hanging fruit trainers that you can add to their coaching tomorrow morning, how to programme and get your clients strong and dealing with serious injuries. It’s one of those “take notes and get actioning some practical stuff” kinda episodes.

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Find Out More About Tom:

  • [4.11] – What does he wish he knew about programming back when he started?
  • [7.26] – Why results don’t have to mean getting a client stronger or seeing weight loss
  • [10.37] – Low hanging fruit that trainers can fix that will make their lives easier when coaching and training clients
  • [12.47] – How to be a more commanding coach when managing sessions
  • [15.21] – When Tom noticed he had to start adapting and improving the way he coached people
  • [19.06] – The importance of covering a variety of learning styles and a few other coaching tips
  • [21.11] – How Tom thinks about getting clients strong from a programming standpoint
  • [25.36] – Why do you increase intensity and decrease volume as training blocks progress?
  • [29.28] – How and why he tests every 12 weeks
  • [32.41] – Why you should vary the loads you programme for clients
  • [34.51] – How he’s dealt with overcoming some horrible injuries in the past
  • [37.21] – How his injuries affected his identity as a personal trainer
  • [39.58] – The importance of having mentors