Tony Cottenden is a returning guest who runs a gym called The Shed, which functions out of his back garden. It was started as a small summer house in May 2014 and he’s run a full client base from it since March 2016. In this episode, we talk about a load of topics including lessons that have come lockdown, what he keeps telling people who are thinking about starting their own shed, why lockdown has made him love in-person even more, how he manages 40+ PT sessions a week, why just be yourself is useful advice for personal trainers and much more.

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Find Out More About Tony:

  • [04.35] – What things he’s finding himself repeating to people who are asking about opening their own shed/ garage gym?
  • [06.25] – The size of his first shed personal training gym.
  • [08.05] – Learning from lockdown – finding more ways to progress your clients aside from increasing load.
  • [09.35] – 1-1 vs online training.
  • [11.20] – Adding value outside of your in-person service.
  • [16.20] – How he manages to sustain 40+ PT sessions?
  • [25.50] – His onboarding app.
  • [26.50] – Has he got clearer on his ideal client/ avatar that he serves as a personal trainer?
  • [28.20] – Why a website has been his main way of getting new clients in.
  • [30.35] – His longer-term goals.
  • [34.35] – How he feels about the potential of a second wave/ lockdown?
  • [36.30] – Why LTB has been a huge part of his success.
  • [38.50] – Just “be yourself” and why it’s an important part of being a PT.